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AMarkets cashback

Get cashback from AMarkets

AMarkets returns part of the spread to clients. The cashback amount depends on the trading volume.


Switch your broker bonus

Switch your broker to AMarkets and get an exclusive 20% bonus on your deposit and the best trading conditions.


Transfer your trading account to AMarkets

If you have open positions with another broker, simply transfer them to AMarkets and get the most attractive trading terms for maximum profit.


Double your trading deposit

Make a deposit and AMarkets will double it.


Trade on Demo, Earn on Real

When trading on a demo account with AMarkets, you can transfer your profit to a live account.

+20% bonus promo

+20% to a partner’s trading account

You can receive 20% as a trading bonus when transferring your affiliate reward to your trading account.

0% Commission on remuneration withdrawal

0% Commission on remuneration withdrawal for partners

Do not miss the opportunity to withdraw funds from your AMarkets account without any commission – get 100% of your income!


0% commission

AMarkets reimburses all deposit fees and commissions charged by payment systems without restrictions.

Promotion is finished

Withdraw your affiliate reward and get a bonus!

Only at AMarkets: get +2% to your affiliate remuneration!

While our competitors introduce new fees and commissions, AMarkets cancels them entirely and even pays an additional bonus for the withdrawal of your affiliate rewards.

Promotion is finished

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with AMarkets!

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with AMarkets!

Scientists say falling in love takes one third of a second. Executing your trade at AMarkets takes just about the same amount of time.